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The Charity which gets the great majority of its income from “Up Market” its shop in Albion Street

invites  applications  for  a  financial  grant  from  individuals  and  organisations  located  within  the

Ancient Parish of Rotherhithe.This covers the whole of the Rotherhithe Peninsula from Kings Stairs

Gardens  to  the  South  Dock  and  includes  Rotherhithe  Village,Canada  Water, Southwark  Park  

and Surrey Quays.This year the Charity has been able to set aside £750 for this purpose.


Applications  must  be  to  help  those  resident  or  working  in  the  Ancient  Parish  or  to  support

organisations or projects that  provide  benefit  to that community. They should include  the name  of

the  individual  or  organisation  requesting  the  grant, the  sum  requested  and  full  details  of  how

the money would be used and the benefits expected. Successful applicants will be asked to provide in

due course a report on the actual benefits achieved and  how  the  they or  their organisations might

assist in  the  work of the  Charity,for example  in  the areas of marketing and publicity.


Applications should be in writing either directly to  the  Chairman of the Charity,Mr Dudley Cloake,

preferably by e mail to: Alternatively they can be sent to him at  8 Pageant

Crescent,SE16 5FZ .Potential applicants are also welcome to contact the Chairman directly for more

information or advice.


Applications close  on  17th  March  2017  and  a  decision  on  the  award  of  grant(s)  will  be  notified

before the end of April.


Dudley Cloake

Chair of Trustees Albion Street community Charity



Directors: Pauline Adenwalla,  Dudley Cloake, Rev Marjaana Härkönen, Rev Torbjorn Holt,

Rev Mark  Nicholls, Rev Graham Preston, Dr Amanda Squires